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I dread this place xD (at Lawton, OK)

One of my absolute favorite albums of all time. It’s one of 2 Mogwai albums in my top 20, the other being “Mr. Beast.”

Two vinyl figures that came with my #lootcrate I think I’m pretty happy with the service. Etsy knit cthulu in the background (at Hobart,OK)

All that lifting is paying off. I’m starting to get definition in my arms.

6oz Turkey Breast, rotisseried, 1 package steamable frozen broccoli, 1 serving of vegetable spread. I call it lunch! #eat right #lowcalorie (at Washita County Sheriffs Office)

And for our next color other than black/grey we have blue!

Decided to out a little color in my wardrobe. (at Adair, OK)

#MFW 4 plates on each side still feels weak to me (at Phillips Fitness Center Hobart,OK)

Made it to 4 plates on my #legday #workout (at Phillips Fitness Center Hobart, Ok)

A little sunlit morning #selfie