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Personal tracking tumblr for fitocracy/weightloss goal

Not too shabby! apieceofenergy just earned 1246 points on Fitocracy with “Workout”.

Chest day best day!

Cool! Daniel shared his post:

So I haven’t tracked in a long, long time, but I’ve still been working out. Since Dec. 2013 I’ve managed to lose 120lbs; first by gaining a better understanding and follow through of my nutrition, then by hitting the gym like it owes me money. I’m going to get back to tracking but my real question is; “Should I track as far back as Fitocracy will let me?” as I keep a journal of all of my workouts.

(via Fitocracy)

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Really rocking them sweet ass #monsterhunter digs, in XL. AWW YEAH

And led to this.

So this happened.

THE RESEMBLANCE IS REAL (at 24 Hour Fitness)

Jab hantin (at Frisco Police Department)

Single most common meal for me. #weightloss #protein #gains

A physique is starting to happen. Post run, 70s 300m dash. Too slow :(

Todays poorly shot outfit, brought to you by “Holy shit I look okay in blue.”